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Infinity Adboards (Restaurant Edition) Overview

Infinity Adboards (Restaurant Edition) (“IARE”) is a digital signage system for use in restaurants. It is based on the same product from, and we've added a number of enhancements for the international market.

IARE presents your featured menu items in a modern and attractive format, and saves you time by automatically switching to the appropriate menu based on time of day and day of week.

Components of IARE include:

  • One or more displays. You can use any size display that suits your available space. TVs meeting our resolution requirements are very inexpensive, and range in size from about 24 to over 70 inches. You may also need a stand or wall-mount bracket. Many different tablet computers may also be used.
  • One or more IARE Controllers. A “controller” is a small computer that runs the system, and is connected your in-store network via Wi-Fi or via LAN cable. Each controller can run either one or two displays.
  • IARE Software.

General Features

IARE screenshot
  • Display your Daily Specials on a simulated chalkboard.
  • IARE automatically adjusts the specials display based on time of day and day of week.
  • Easily edit your specials to adjust description, price, availability, and other layout settings from a phone or PC.
  • Remotely manage your display boards from a central location when you have multiple shops.
  • In addition to your Daily Specials, show your own promotional messages such as “Reserve Now for Thanksgiving Dinner!”, and display advertisements and public service messages from the IARE Network.
  • Choose from one of two display modes. “Split Mode” shows Daily Specials and promotional messages side-by-side. “Wide Mode” fills the entire screen with alternating Daily Specials and promotional messages.
  • Display headline news to keep waiting customers occupied.
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency.


IARE can be used as either a “Standalone system” or as part of our “Ad Network” as described below.

Standalone IARE

In this configuration:

  • Everything runs within your shop’s own network, and all data is maintained on one of your IARE Controllers.
  • All promotional messages come from within your own network. You can provide your own promotional graphics, or we can assist you in setup.
  • A small system for a single shop can usually be run on one IARE Controller. Multiple shops require a separate web server, which is typically a “cloud” system.
  • You are not allowed to sell advertising on the system. You may, however, display your own self-advertisements.
  • The cost of the system is the hardware (displays, display mounting hardware, display installation, and IARE Controllers), and an annual license fee for the software.

IARE Ad Network System

In this configuration:

  • The IARE Controller is used for display and network control only. All data is maintained on our servers.
  • You provide the Daily Specials data and your own promotional messages. We provide additional promotional messages that have been collected by our Sales Affiliates.
  • Promotional messages are localized for the area where the board is installed, so this is a great way to help fellow local businesses.
  • A shop can also become a sales affiliate, so this is one way for the system to pay for itself.

Sales Partners

Sales Partners perform the following tasks:

  • Find restaurants interested in digital signage.
  • Find local businesses who would like to advertise in our network. There are many possibilities such as auto repair and sales, beauty shops, dentists, doctors, lawyers, real estate agent, markets, and many more.
  • Explain the concept to prospects, and show IARE in action on your notebook or tablet.
  • Earn an ongoing precentage of the ad revenue from clients you sign up for the IARE advertising service.
  • Graphically talented partners can generate extra income by actually creating the custom artwork for advertisers.

Learn More

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Click here for an Adboards demonstration. Note that this demo runs on one of our other sites. Contact us for a demonstration customized to your environment.