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Låse Software Licensing Toolkit

Various tools are available for protecting your valuable software products from unauthorized use including hardware "dongles" and licensing servers. Hardware solutions have a per-sale cost and are a headache for both the user and the vendor. Server-based licensing can solutions can be expensvie and require additional infrastructure management.

We created Låse (aka LaseLib) as a software-only, serverless licensing toolkit solution for Windows, Linux, macOS, and MingGW applications.

Features of Låse include:

  • License key is based on any one of the MAC addresses in a PC.
  • Supports multiple application "features" (your application options) so you can distribute a single executable with specific features enabled on a per-machine basis.
  • Optional Expiration Date handling. The application may display a warning to the user ahead of the expiration.
  • Advanced license key encryption makes license hacking extremely difficult.
  • Easy application integration.  A license validation check requires only one line of code (plus your custom error messages).  We do, however, recommend  performing the license check in several places to make it difficult for the would-be hackers.
  • Use with C, C++, C#, Java, Fortran, or any other language that can access a DLL or Shared Library.

Låse currently does not handle "floating licenses". (For that you have to go with a more expensive server-based solution.)  However, Låse does handle the majority of basic cases without a lot of trouble or  expense.

Please contact us for additional information or to discuss your licensing requirements.