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Fax Features in Teleplex

Teleplex contains a number of features for handling fax communications.

checkmarkSave a Tree

A received fax is first stored on the hard disk, and Teleplex can then optionally print it on one of your office printers. Better yet, Teleplex can send it to you as e-mail, so there's no need to deal with the paper. Faxes can be forwarded the same way to different departments by assigning different lines or different dial-in numbers.

checkmarkSave Time

FaxStation, an application in the Teleplex family, allows you to:

  • Send documents from your favorite desktop application such as a word processor directly to fax.
  • Send pre-created faxes such as catalogs and application forms.
  • Send a document to either a single location or broadcast it to multiple locations.
  • View the status of your fax requests.
  • View fax images.

There is no reason to wait in line at the office fax machine to send your documents. And, if the destination fax is busy, Teleplex will automatically retry for you.

checkmarkSave Money

You don't need a separate fax server—Teleplex has fax support in the software already, and can be turned on for a small license fee. Some Teleplex configurations already have hardware support for fax, and in other cases fax resources can be added via software or with a plug-in board. These resources can then be shared across the the entire system, so you only need to buy the resources that you need.

checkmarkFax as a Service

Fax as an ASP (application service provider) is easy to do on a large scale with Teleplex. This is typically done with an IVR application to offer services such as fax store-and-forward and broadcast.