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Teleplex Features for Managers and Supervisors

As a Call Center manager or supervisor, your duties probably include some or all of the following:

  • Schedule agents.
  • Assist agents in using the telephone and computer systems.
  • Monitor calls to make sure that agents are saying the right things.
  • Assist agents with tough questions or troublesome callers.
  • Print daily / weekly / monthly reports.
  • Train new agents, and register them in the system.
  • Review call recordings for quality assurance checks.

This page introduces some of the tools provided with Teleplex to help you do your job.

Teleplex manager imageReal-time Activity Display

Teleplex MDIViewer screen shotSupervisors generally run our real-time "viewer" application all the time.  This application displays all of the important details about what is happening such as:

  • For inbound, the number of waiting calls, number available agents, agent states (Ready, Not Ready, Post Call, Busy Inbound, Busy Outbound, etc.), call durations, and much more.
  • For outbound dialer campaigns, information similar to the above, plus information on the dial list state (number of available numbers, estimated time until out of numbers, etc.).
  • General information about inbound and outbound line usage.
  • Database and network performance statistics, although this is largely of interest to the IT staff.
  • General information about inbound and outbound line usage.
  • Database and network performance statistics, although this information is largely of interest to the IT staff.
  • Other screens where you can see who is logged in, for example.

checkmarkAs you Like It.  The viewer probably shows much more than you are interested in, so you will often want to apply filters.  For example, you might set up a filter to show only the ACD(s) that your team is working on.  You can also arrange the columns in your favorite sequence, and you can set up highlighting so that, for example, calls longer than ten minutes or agents in the Post Call state for longer than three minutes are highlighted in red.

checkmarkNo Limits.  Unlike some other systems, the viewer is included with no usage restrictions, and you are encouraged to install it on as many machines as you would like.

checkmarkWallboard.  The viewer includes a "wallboard" mode that allows you to show the ACD or Campaign information of most interest to everyone on a large-screen display.  (Even the 19-inch displays that are so common these days are quite readable from a distance, especially if you apply some highlighting.)  With a glance at the wallboard the boss immediately knows how many sales or contracts have been processed, and agents can immediately see how busy the system is, how many calls are waiting, and other information.  Oh yes—the wallboard is a free feature.

checkmarkCoach and Monitor Calls.  The viewer allows you to monitor and coach agents with a simple mouse click.  For example, you may have configured the viewer to highlight long calls in red, and you want to find out what is going on.  Just click on the agent, and select monitor or coach.  You can also initiate monitor or coach by  dialing an access number, but it is easier if you are already running the viewer.

checkmarkAlert! The viewer has an optional "alert" mode that supervisors are encouraged to turn on.  When an alert occurs it is displayed as a small balloon popup on your desktop, and you can also open a window to show a list of recent alerts.  Alerts can be sent by e-mail, too—a feature frequently used by the IT staff.

A few examples of alerts are:

  • An agent failed to take a call.  This can happen if the agent left his or her seat without setting the state to "Not Ready".  The call was recovered by Teleplex and put back into the ACD, but you should remind the agent to not do this.
  • A dialer campaign is getting low on numbers.  You, or the IT staff should either load some additional numbers, or prepare to wind down the campaign.
  • There is some difficulty with the database server, or the database server is performing slowly.

Some alerts are specifically for supervisors, while others are for the IT staff.  We hope that as a team everybody will keep an eye out for alerts so that operations can proceed smoothly.

TPXSuper logocheckmarkOdds and Ends A Web-based application named "TPXSuper" can be used to perform an assortment of other tasks including:

  • Manage agent login accounts.
  • Generate and print reports.
  • Review and rank call recordings.  Note that this feature also works over the Internet, so if you are doing outsourcing work, your outsourcing customers can use this feature, too.