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Developing, managing development, and selling a software require entirely different skill sets. The goal of this book is therefore to get all of the team members (developers, project managers, and sales and marketing people) thinking on the same plane while engaged in a new or ongoing development project.  Then, you can minimize development time and cost, avoid costly bugs that can delay projects, and most of all prevent catch and fix potentially dangerous bugs before they are—heaven forbid—released to customers.

"The Software Bug Book" is not only about about detecting and correcting complex bugs such as Memory Leaks, Resource Leaks, Deadlocks, and Data races, but also provides many resources for team on how to manage the development, testing, and Quality Assurance process.

Pages: 261 on ISO A5 paper (PDF Edition), 44,670 words (approximate). Also available in paperback and ePub formats.

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About the Author

Bill Marjerison is a veteran developer with experience in operating systems, telecommunications, database, C/C++, C#, Java and other languages, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, and embedded systems.


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