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TenGun is a tool for working with Point Cloud and particle data. TenGun is primarily used for preprocessing and postprocessing with SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), DEM (Discrete Element Method), and similar analysis and simulation applications.

There are two main functions, Preprocessing and Postprocessing as described below.

Time Series Mode (Postprocessing)

TenGun Postprocessing Image

Analysis applications typically generate a number of timestep-based particle (point) output. The output contains particle positions, velocities, pressure, temperature, and other relevant analysis results. TenGun is then used to visually verify those results.

Postprocessing features include:

  • Flexible input file handling. Easily define additional text input file layouts in minutes.  Use with your own application, commercial applications such as LS-DYNA, and with Open Source applications such as LIGGGHTS.
  • Filter values using field name and range expressions to display specific details.
  • Cut (slice) the results one or more times to inspect the inside of the model.
  • Emphasis on ease-of-use, and without a bloated User Interface.
  • Easily create analysis presentation material.
  • Animated playback. Play back a series of analysis output files.
  • Create a movie file from the animation output.
  • Convert point cloud analysis results to a mesh for 3D Printing.
  • Automated report creation.
  • Multiple chart types: Frequency Distribution (bar chart or line chart), Line Chart, Scatter Diagram, and Timeline with statistics.
  • Copy Screenshot to file or to Clipboard for use in other documentation.
  • Easily customizable "Display Profiles" that allow definition of user-specific input file layouts, colors, labels, and other settings.
  • High-performance, even with large datasets.
  • Multi-lingual. English and Japanese are currently available.

Assembly Mode (Preprocessing)

TenGun Preprocessing Image

TenGun can create input data for various analysis applications. This typically involves converting multiple CAD files to particle format, and then adding application-specific parameters such as timing control, material properties, boundary conditions, and so on.

TenGun encapsulates these preprocessing activities with a few simple operations.

Preprocessing features include:

  • Read a number of CAD file formats including IGES, LS-DYNA, OBJ, PLY, STEP ISO 130303-203, STEP ISO 130303-214, and STL.
  • Convert a CAD mesh to a point cloud.
  • Convert CAD data between STEP, IGES, and STL formats.
  • Create custom CAD objects for use as particle containers using built-in basic shapes such as boxes, pipes, wedges, revolutions, extrusions, and others. For many cases you can use just TenGun and therefore avoid having to use a separate CAD application.
  • Edit CAD object geometry, and combine objects with Boolean Operations.
  • Export assembled CAD models to your favorite application for fluid, solid, thermal, or other analysis. TenGun converts CAD objects to particle format during this process.

Text Editor

TenGun contains a built-in, full-featured text editor to handle those other editing tasks related to your analysis or other work.

Need More Features?

There are many other fields in which TenGun could be used including medical imaging, LIDAR, and mapping/geolocation. Contact Us with your ideas or requests for new features.


See examples of TenGun in Action here.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11, 64-bit edition.
  • 64-bit CPU with Advanced Vector Instructions ("AVX"). This feature is available in most CPUs made since 2013.
  • 8GB memory, or more if you will be working with very large data models.
  • A GPU is recommended, but not required.

Versions for macOS and Linux are under development. Contact us for the latest availabity information.


TenGun is available with the following licensing options:

  • Basic Viewer (Free). Includes the basic Time Series Mode viewer functionality and supports a limited number of particles. May be used for non-commercial use, and no support is provided.
  • Advanced Viewer. Time Series Mode viewer, read various CAD files, no particle limit, may be used for commercial use, and support is available.
  • Reports. Same as above, and allows creation of Reports and Charts.
  • Professional. All features including Assembly Mode pre-processing features.

The "Free" version does not require a license file.  Contact us regarding volume discounts and academic discounts.

Download TenGun Here.