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TenGun is a high-performance, easy-to-use tool for working with Point Cloud and particle data. It is primarily targeted toward pre-processing and post-processing of SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), DEM (Discrete Element Method), and similar analysis applications.

There are two main functions, Pre-Processing and Post-Processing as described below.

Time Series Mode (Post-Processing)

TenGun Postprocessing Image

Analysis applications typically generate a number of timestep-based particle (point) output. The output contains particle positions, velocities, pressure, temperature, and other relevant analysis results. TenGun is then used to visually verify those results.

Post-processing features include:

  • Flexible input file handling. Easily define additional text input file layouts in minutes.  Use with your own application, commerical applications such as LS-DYNA, and with Open Source applications such as LIGGGHTS.
  • Filter values using field name and range expressions to display specific details.
  • Cut (slice) the results one or more times to inspect the inside of the model.
  • Emphasis on ease-of-use, and without a bloated User Interface.
  • Easily create analysis presentation material.
  • Animated playback. Play back a series of analysis output files.
  • Create a movie file from the animation output.
  • Convert point cloud analysis results to a mesh for 3D Printing.
  • Automated report creation.
  • Multiple chart types: Frequency Distribution (bar chart or line chart), Line Chart, Scatter Diagram, and Timeline with statistics.
  • Copy Screenshot to file or to Clipboard for use in other documentation.
  • Easily customizable "Display Profiles" that allow definition of user-specific input file layouts, colors, labels, and other settings.
  • High-performance, even with large datasets.
  • Multi-lingual. English and Japanese are currently available.

Assembly Mode (Pre-Processing)

TenGun Preprocessing Image

TenGun can create input data for various analysis applications. This typically involves converting multiple CAD files to particle format, and then adding application-specific parameters such as timing control, material properties, boundary conditions, and so on.

TenGun encapsulates these pre-processing activities with a few simple operations.

Pre-processing features include:

  • Read a number of CAD file formats including IGES, LS-DYNA, OBJ, PLY, STEP ISO 130303-203, STEP ISO 130303-214, and STL.
  • Convert a CAD mesh to a point cloud.
  • Convert CAD data between STEP, IGES, and STL formats.
  • Create custom CAD objects for use as particle containers using built-in basic shapes such as boxes, pipes, wedges, revolutions, extrusions, and others. For many cases you can use just TenGun, and avoid having to use a separate CAD application.
  • Edit CAD object geometry, and combine objects with Boolean Operations.
  • Export assembled CAD models to your favorite application for fluid, solid, thermal, or other analysis. TenGun converts CAD objects to particle format during this process.

Text Editor

TenGun contains a built-in, full-featured text editor to handle those other editing tasks related to your analysis or other work.


See examples of TenGun in Action here.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10, 64-bit edition.
  • 64-bit CPU with Advanced Vector Instructions ("AVX"). This feature is available in most CPUs made since 2013.
  • 8GB memory, or more if you will be working with very large data models.
  • A GPU is recommended, but not required.

Versions for macOS and Linux are under development. Contact us for the latest availabity information.


TenGun is available with the following licensing options:

  • Basic Viewer (Free). Includes the basic Time Series Mode viewer functionality and supports a limited number of particles. May be used for non-commericial use, and no support is provided.
  • Advanced Viewer. Time Series Mode viewer, read various CAD files, no particle limit, may be used for commercial use, and support is available.
  • Reports. Same as above, and allows creation of Reports and Charts.
  • Professional. All features including Assembly Mode pre-processing features.

The "Free" version does not require a license file.  Contact us regarding volume discounts and academic discounts.

Download TenGun Here.