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TenGun™ FAQ

This page covers some of the frequently asked questions about TenGun. These topics are also discussed in the User Guide.

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  1. About TenGun Screenshot Start TenGun, and go to Help ➔ About.
  2. Click "Request License for MAC Address xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx". This will send a license request to us by email.

    You can also find the MAC Address from a command line prompt by typing "ipconfig /all". There may be multiple address — just pick the first one. You may also manually send us a mail instead of going through the About dialog — you are not required to do this through the About dialog.
  3. Select OK to close the dialog.
  4. We will reply to your mail shortly, sending you a file named "TenGun.lic" as an attachment.
  5. Save the TenGun.lic attachment in "C:\ProgramData\TenGun". Alternatively, (1) drag the attachment to your Desktop, (2) start TenGun, (3) Drag & Drop the Desktop copy of the license file into TenGun, and (4) delete the Desktop copy of the license file.

First, define a custom color table:

  1. From the TenGun menu, go to Edit ➔ Settings, or click on the toolbar.
  2. Select the "Discrete Colors" tab.
  3. Add a new table. You can name it anything you want, such as "MatColors".
  4. Create some color entries. The easiest way is to use one of the "Preset" color schemes.

Next, set up a field definition:

  1. Switch to the Fields tab in the settings.
  2. TenGun predefines a field named "Material", but if your field name is different (e.g., Mat, MatType, Type, etc.) you can add a new field name to match your particular input data.
  3. Near the middle the Fields tab, set the data type (usually "int"), and check the "Discrete" option. Other options are of minor importance at this point.
  4. For the "Color Table" option, select the name of the table that you defined above (e.g., "MatColors").
  5. Add a Value and Label for each material. For example, 1 Cast Iron, 2 Push Plate, and 3 Aluminum Powder.
  6. Select OK to save and to activate the settings.