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Does this describe your workplace?

  • You and your co-workers frequently need to run heavy computing jobs in fields such as FEA, SPH, CFD, DEM, Molecular Modeling, and so on.
  • You have some nice machines with fast CPUs and perhaps GPUs. These machines are not used all the time and could be shared.
  • Sometimes you're overloaded with work. It sure would be handy if you had access to more computing power.

WebRun can help in these situations by allowing you to share your computing resources, and by simplifying shared access for co-workers.

WebRun Version 1.0

WebRun is a Web application for workgroups with the following main features:

  • Submit screenJob Scheduling. Jobs are run in sequence depending on the system availability. The primary user may specify availability rules based on time of day and system load.
  • Sandboxing. Jobs are run in a sandbox environment. Users are allowed to upload and download data files to their personal folder and to run whitelisted applications. However, they are not allowed file system access outside of their personal folder.
  • Easy-to-use. WebRun is a web interface to another system’s computing resources. Users can run and monitor their Windows or Linux applications from any HTML5-compatible browser. It is not necessary to learn the idiosyncrasies of using Linux or Windows, and it is not necessary to learn how to use remote access.
  • Access Anywhere. WebRun can be used not only over your LAN, but also over the Internet. And, it can even be used from smart phones, thus allowing people to monitor, fix, and restart long-running jobs—even while away from the office.
  • Convenient. We use WebRun to queue up new software tests, run analyses for clients, and to provide self-service access for clients.

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