About Dog of the Month

We know you love your dog. How about sharing it's best picture with the world?

Here's how it works:

  • Upload your best dog photo. Inappropriate or unrelated photos will be deleted at our sole discretion. You must be the owner of the photo, and you agree the photo will become public domain material. If you want to use your photo for commerical work do not upload it to this site.
  • Any visitor can "Woof" (like) any photo.
  • Dogs that collect the most Woofs in any month will become Dog of the Month in the following month. We'll divide these by region, and also have an overall winner.
  • All photos (except for the winning photos) are deleted, and the process is repeated for the new month. The winning photos are kept for one extra month so we can turn your best friend into a superstar! (Did I just hear "I deserve a treat!"?)

Why would you want to do this?

  • It's fun showing the world that "My dog's better than your dog!"
  • We can generate a little advertising revenue to run this fun system. But beyond the running cost, we hope to generate some money to promote the speedy adoption of the many deserving dogs living at one of the many volunteer animal rescue centers. So, we can have fun and do good things at the same time.

Now, click the "Dogs" tab to view this months entries.

Copyright © 2020, Bill Marjerison. This is a prototype/concept system.

Adopting a Dog

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